AJP eXperience UK

The world of AJP is based on adventure. Great trail bikes built in Europe with passion, so you can enjoy great eXperiences.

You may get great eXperiences riding to work, in an urban environment, or on green lanes and through the countryside, or on the track, in competition, or...

Maybe you would like to find out just how good AJP bikes are...
Maybe you would like to enjoy the wide open spaces of Scotland, on an AJP
Maybe a ride across the wonderful landscapes of Donegal, on an AJP
Maybe you want to go further afield, let's try France first, on an AJP
How about something warmer, say Spain, on an AJP
And the adventure carries on.... Portugal, Morocco, the Americas

AJP is more than a great ride, it's a way of life - make the most of it, and eXperience the adventure.
AJp off-road adventure
AJP motocross adventure
We want you to enjoy the AJP eXperience in as many ways as possible. We have teamed up with some wonderful eXperience providers.
Every AJP eXperience provider is an independent business. They are available at different times, for different eXperiences, and with different duration. We have given you a taster of what the world of eXperience has.  
Now you have whetted your appetite, get in touch with the eXperience provider of your choice.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with AJP UK.  

We really want to know how much you have enjoyed the AJP eXperience, so if you have tales, images or videos you would like to share then please get in touch.

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