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Dirt Bike Tours Ireland Is an official AJP Experience Centre; why not give trail riding a go on a lightweight, fun, modern AJP bikes?

Dirt Bike Tours Ireland excel at providing Off and On-Road Guided Tours in the Donegal mountains and surrounding area. We aim to give you the ultimate off-road bike experience of a lifetime and to give you enough challenge without taking you completely out of your comfort zone! Our base is Omagh, County Tyrone and the routes we use are within a radius of 55 minutes.


Set in Tyrone, Dirt Bike Tors Ireland are in a unique location.
Dirt Bike Tors Ireland also conduct tours in Donegal.
Enjoy the scenic views and adventure trails of this fabulous location.

Dirt Bike Tours Ireland, Donegal, Omagh


Dirt Bike Tours Ireland offer day tours and training.

There is a plentiful choice of accommodation available if you wanted to make your stay longer.


With a choice of locations and styles, Dirt Bike Tours Ireland is a day-long activity.

AJP Bikes, forest and mountain trails
Dirt Bikes, Donegal Coast


Dirt Bike Tours Ireland have several offerings, including:

  • 1 day dirt bike training
  • 1 day trail riding in Omagh
  • 1 day trail riding in Donegal
All activities include AJP Motorcycle, protective gear and lunch
All day activities are charged at £210 per day.


    Dirt Bike Tours Ireland offer fully guided tours in the glorious landscape of Omagh and Donegal.

    The day is conducted on AJP PR4 motorcycles, renouned for their ease of use, great handling and balance.

    The day is accompanied by your experienced guide, and lunch is provided.
    Dirt Bikes 1 day adventures
    AJP bike adventures

    For hire

     AJP bikes are provided for your use.

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