AJP eXperience in PORTUGAL

Sandytoes is the newestofficial AJP UK Experience Centre, based in unspoilt beauty in the Algarve.

Sandytoes is the Algarve's newest trail riding holiday venue. Pitched at small groups and couples who want to get out on the area's fine off-road routes and trails. 
Accommodation is in one of our three self catering villa's in the area,so have a combined break - sea, sun and trail-riding! 
Equipped with a brace of AJP PR5 liquid cooled 250cc bikes, (perfect for beginners and experienced riders) we offer guided trial tours for riders of all abilities... And we can arrange your collection from the local Airport. 
All riding gear is supplied and the bikes are regularly fettled and serviced for optimum performance. 
Best times are outside peak season as it's just too darn hot! 
Visit the website for more details, but prices are listed below...we look froward to seeing you!

Location and contact

Blessed with over 300 days of sunshine each year, the Algarve is still Europes best kept secret. Here on the west coast life travels a little bit slower and that's the way we like it. Villages still have that strong sense of community, people stop to say good morning and they are always willing to help you out. Tourists are very welcome in this part as tourism is still a growing industry and you are treated more like a guest than a visitor. Have a conversation with somebody on the streets and even if you don't speak each others language, you'll be amazed at how far a simple and genuine smile can go.

Renowned for it's Park Natural the westcoast boasts kilometres of unspoilt, un-crowded and stunning coastline and beaches. Birds of nature and wild flowers abound. The heady scents of eucylyptus combines with pine and rock rose in the forests and the roads are small and quiet. This area is great for anybody with a sense of adventure and a love for the natural environment. Many activities include, Trailriding, mountainbiking, cycling, walking, rock climbing, surfing, kite surfing, horse riding...oh, the list is endless. With this part of the Algarve being much cheaper than the central Algarve towns and beaches.

Phones: 00351 282 998 063 | 916 563 513
E-Mail: infor@sandytoes-algarve.com
The wonderful Algarve Coast

AJP eXperience Sandytoes Algarve

AJP eXperience Algarve

Sandytoes offers a unique eXperience in a unique location.
Situated on the wonderful and peaceful Algarve coastline, Sandytoes offers a range of off-road eXperiences, tailored to suit you.
Sandytoes offer an eXperienced guide who lives and loves the area.  You will share his joy at the landscape and wildlife whilst honing your off-road skills.
Sandytoes can provide you 1/2 day rides up to 5 days, and can offer accommodation too.
Sandytoes can collect you form the airport and will give you a very warm welcome.

Our aim is that your experience is utterly enjoyable and that is why we work with organisations like Sandytoes who chose the routes carefully, taking into account the type of terrain, conditions, and your abilities.

Sandytoes offer off-road trail riding, walking, land rover and bike holidays.  Enjoy!


Prices (including fuel, personal guide and excluding lunch):

1/2 day - 105€

1 day: 160€

2 days: 310€

3 days: 450€

4 days: 580€

Choose B+B accomm from our 3 holiday homes ( 3 different price brackets) or we'll help you with Hotels/other rental houses

Trail riding and accommodation packages available.

AJP eXperience tours, Portugal
AJP eXperience tours, Algarve Land Rover
Sandytoes Algarve Coastline
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