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AJP Motos are now properly re-established in the UK with a new, knowledgeable and enthusiastic distributor in Wales. With a UK support team, a growing dealer network and vastly improved after-sales support there has never been a better time to buy AJP.

The 2016 UK range comes in 3 three model sets, and 15 variations, including the brand new PR7, so there is something for everyone! Whether it's the PR3, built with the same passion and components but only 840mm tall or the fabulous new 600cc PR7, or any of the great PR4 or PR5's there is a bike for you.
All bikes come with a 2 year unlimited mileage, parts only warranty, subject to terms and conditions.
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AJP PR3 range, 3/4 frame
Compact, light, easy to use and affordable.  
The PR3 is our entry level bike, ready to take you to the most beautiful trails, to the jam packed streets or even the nearest motocross track.

With a seat height of only 840mm this is a quality build 3/4 size bike.

The PR3 does it all, with such simplicity and control that every obstacle becomes a pleasure, but don't think that this is a play bike, it has the same serious AJP commitment for top engineering and exclusive technical solutions as all the range.

The PR3 contains all the AJP technology, with:
brand exclusive composite frame
fuel tank under the driver's seat
swing arm made ​​of polished aluminum
high quality suspensions, especially in the PRO version
weight optimisation
all ensuring the pleasure and ease of an unparalleled ride.
AJP PR4 range, mid-sized trail bikes
The mid-size, lightweight trail bike. 
The AJP PR4 is a incredible trail bike, it is a continuation of the technological innovation that distinguishes AJP from any other manufacturer, building on the lessons learned from the previous PR4 it has a composite frame of ‘double aluminium spars & steel cradle’ providing an exceptional combination of balance, rideability, low weight & innovative design.

Balanced and low weight. Innovative European design and quality build. Is this the bike you were looking for?

The PR4 incorporates more of AJP’s own technologies, such as the fuel tank mounted centrally, underneath the rider’s seat (providing an optimized weight distribution), polished aluminium swinging arm & top class suspension. All our innovations are tested and approved during successful Enduro competition and when combined provide an incomparable riding experience in a full sized bike.
AJP PR5 bikes, full size, great balance
The full size, lightweight trail bike.
The AJP PR5 is a great full size trail bike, As with other models it incorporates the innovative approach to design and build.  Bult in Europe bu engineers who are passionate about thier product it has all the styale and feature you come to expect with AJP.

it has a composite frame of ‘double aluminium spars & steel cradle’ providing an exceptional combination of balance, ride-ability, low weight & innovative design.

Built with an eye for detail and performance the PR5 mounts the fuel tank centrally, underneath the rider’s seat, to optimise balance and stability.
It uses a polished aluminium swinging arm and comes with top class suspension. 

This is a a thoroughbred bike.
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